Keryx weekends are held several times throughout the year, in various locations throughout Michigan. You can register to attend a weekend on this site or download and mail your application to the address listed on it.

Men’s Weekends

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Women’s Weekends

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Keryx weekends are designed for those who are inquiring, open, honest about Christianity, and interested in developing their spiritual life. While 'being a Christian' is not a prerequisite for attending, you may find that 'Christianity' is not what you once thought is was. People who have attended Keryx weekends have discovered some of the following:

  • A new understanding of God’s gift of grace through the power of the Holy Spirit
  • A new understanding of 'who' Jesus is and what being 'a Christian' is really about
  • A closer relationship with God, walking daily in the Holy Spirit
  • A new desire to serve God with a cheerful heart, both in the church and in their community
  • Improved, loving relationships with people in their own church and with family members
  • The freedom of forgiveness – being able to receive forgiveness and to forgive others, to put the past behind them and move forward with new faith and hope
  • How to use small groups for teaching, accountability, and spiritual growth
  • How to participate in discipleship training and to pass this knowledge on to others
  • Great fellowship with other people that have given their lives over to God and have a sincere desire for spiritual growth and development