Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.  "Is this a prison ministry?"

While the format of our ministry is directly related to the Keryx prison ministry, we are here to serve the general public.

Q. "Do I have to go into prison?"

Our weekend events are hosted by local, public christian organizations -no prisons involved.

While the overall Keryx ministry does provide the opportunity for individuals to serve in a prison ministry (as well as opportunities in youth and community ministry), there is nothing about our ministry, our weekends, or our mission that is in any way designed to compel or coerce anyone into doing anything they don't feel led to.

Q. "What's in this for a non-christian?"

This is a great opportunity for you to personally experience the gospel of Christ - what Christ is really about. Over the course of a weekend event, we only ask that you keep an open mind and reserve judgement until the end.

Keryx in Community is, by design:

  • led by ordinary, every-day people
  • non-denominational, essential christianity
  • a non-judgemental and safe environment

 The volunteers in our ministry come from a diverse range of economic, religious and social backgrounds - just like our candidates.  Chances are, one of us can relate well to where you are, what questions you may have, and what you may be struggling with.

Our question to you is, "What do you have to Lose?"

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Michigan Youth Challenge Academy

Providing Purpose and Direction for the Future of Michigan's Youth. The MYCA is a no-cost, voluntary residential program where 16-18 year old high school drop-outs come to improve their lives.